We are the people who build and maintain our community and nation but rarely enjoy the fruits of our labor. We are the employed and the unemployed. We are the people who make society run but have little say in running the country.

We came together in 1999 to create this Labor Party chapter to defend our interests and aspirations from the greed of multinational corporate interests.Decades of concessions to corporations by both political parties have not produced the full employment economy we have been promised. Instead income and wealth disparities have widened to shameful extents. We offer an alternative vision of a just society that values working people, their families and communities.

We, the members of this Alachua County Labor Party (ACLP), see ourselves as keepers of the American Dream of opportunity, fairness, and justice.

Alachua County Labor Party Officers

Labor Party officers are elected by the membership in February of even-numbered years.

Chad Hood, AFGE 2779*

Gaby Gross

Dave Hennig

(*Unions listed for identification purposes only)


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