Join the Alachua County Labor Coalition today!

There are three levels in which to join the Labor Coalition:

Friend of the Labor Coalition: $25/year
Monthly Sustainer: $5/month
Yearly Sustainer: $60/year

Membership in the Labor Coalition does not affect your voter registration. All members receive our monthly newsletter.

The easiest way to join is through our secure online donation site.

Our Current Committee of 100 list is at 84 monthly pledges, so we only have 16 more to go!

Tom Almquist & Nicole Hardin

Kirk Anthony

Arlene Bargad

LuJoye Barnes

Bill Batlle

Scott Billings

Kali Blount

Joey Brenner

Jenny Brown

Caron Cadle

Bill Calhoun

Randi Cameon

Scott Camil & Sherry Steiner

Lynn Chacko

Candi Churchill

Ira Clark

Amy Coenen

Chris Cogle

Andrea Costello

Joe Courter

Arthur & Mary Crummer

Sally & Josh Dickinson

Shawna Doran

Rebecca Elgie

Marilyn Eisenberg

Pennie Foster (in memoriam)

Adele Franson

Jason Fults

Carol Giardina

Bill Gilbert

Danny Gimenez

Alice Goldman

Norma Green

Green Party

Gaby Gross

Dan Harmeling

Dave Hennig

Jane & Norm Holland

Chad Hood

Robert Ing

Beth & Kurt Kent

Lavery, Linda

Alex Leader

Harriet Ludwig

Rosemary Lynch & Norman Balabanian

Murdo MacLeod

Eve MacMaster

Richard MacMaster

Jeff/Geoff Mason

Kathleen Maynard

Martin Glen McClure

Chris Medved

Albert Meyer

Pam Moorman

Jim Morrison & Betty Odum

Ann Murray

Jon F. Nutting

Jack Penrod (in memoriam)

Eric Piotrowski

Mark Piotrowski

Nina Postlethwaite

Stephanie Ridgeway

Jean Rigg

Fe Ripka

Clint Robinson

Howard Rosenfeld

Eileen Roy

Kathie Sarachild

Zoharah Simmons

Herbet Spencer

Bill Stephenson & Michelle Gould

Timothy Strauser

Zot Szurgot & Audrey Holt

Rich Templin

Carol Thomas

Genevie Trachsel (in memoriam)

Martin & Vibeke Vala

Veterans for Peace

Tom Ward

Bill & Sally Warrick

Kenneth Weeks

Jerry & Larissa Williamson

Paul Wojtalewicz

Steedly &  Patricia Young

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